Monarch Butterflies

I love monarch butterflies! Butterflies in general are so whimsical and make me feel 12 again. I was lurking through my media files and happened upon this folder labeled ‘fall walk’. Well, that was a pretty uneventful title for a nice set of pretty flutter-bys!! I’m not even sure where these were taken, but who cares ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just enjoy them.




imageThey like the late season bonanza found on Joe Pye Weed and the Queen Anne’s Lace make nice landing pads.

The origin of names has always fascinated me. So, who was Joe Pye and why does he have a weed named after him?? I found quite a large amount of research on the topic. For a Cliff’s Notes version, read below:

Joseph Pye of Stockbridge could have had an ancestor from Salem who treated colonists for typhus thereby making his โ€œfame and fortune,โ€ or his name might have been a corruption from a hypothetical Indian word for typhus or some similar disease.ย  But I ask: Why not embrace the hard evidence that Joseph Pye was a Mohegan sachem who lived in western Massachusetts precisely where Eaton tells us that โ€œJoe Pyeโ€™s Weedโ€ was in โ€œcommon useโ€ as a treatment for typhus; that he lived his notable life there just a few decades before Eaton remarks on Joe Pyeโ€™s Weed; that the president of the college where Eaton lectured believed that he successfully treated his fever with a tea made from Joe Pyeโ€™s Weed; that Joseph Pye was educated by Samson Occam, himself an herbalist?ย  All this is substantiated and frankly I believe makes a better story than any borne of speculation.



Of course, monarchs love milkweed. If everyone could just plant a few of these in their yard, we would truly be able to help their populations.


ยฉ The Naturarian

12 thoughts on “Monarch Butterflies”

    1. Great read! It’s interesting to learn about how some of my native insects being pests elsewhere. Even tho they are cute ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰


      1. The butterflies aren’t pests. I think the writer was just trying to be clever by saying that if a weed is just a plant in the wrong place then the butterflies are weeds.` Anyway we have so many European and American trees that have been here for 150+ years, I don’t think anyone is gonna try getting rid of them.


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