Dreaming of Spring

Clemantis 'Guernsey cream'
Clematis ‘Guernsey cream’

Snow… it’s time to go.

Let the flowers don the white!

How long until Spring?

6 thoughts on “Dreaming of Spring”

  1. Yay, I found your new blog. I’ll try and follow, but I’m having trouble (this has been an ongoing issue for me ever since WP/jetpack did an update – my email address isn’t recognized as a legitimate address 😖 and I can’t hit like, only in Reader). At the very least, I’ll manually enter you into my Reader. Will you post camping trips on this site?

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    1. Yes! I will post camping (etc) stuff like that. If it becomes a bigger part of my life… Enough to start another blog dedicated to it… Well, I’ll deal then 😉 I get the issues w/WP.. I have a few folks that I have to follow via email (not my preference) ‘cuz they don’t go in my reader (?) I’m getting back in the swing w/WP… I’ve been playing on Instagram. Less writing, more pix. However, I’m no photographer (yet), so coming back to what I’m good at 😉 writing!

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