Landscapers Get Loopy For Spring!!

My friend Jeremy emailed this to me… Thanks Jeremy!


spring is here! I'm so excited, I wet my plants - sign

 “In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours.” 

— Mark Twain

© The Naturarian

18 thoughts on “Landscapers Get Loopy For Spring!!”

    1. Curious, what do you call ‘grey water’?
      For me, my camper has a grey water tank where sink water goes (black tank for poop). My house is not capable.
      I’m curious for my plumber hubby, who finds international plumbing very interesting!

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      1. Ah – no it is not from the plumbing, but because of the long term drought here in CT. Even tho we got rain last winter we still have restrictions. Grey water is any water you have used that is no longer drinkable. So we collect soapy water from the washing machine or shower to flush the loos etc
        The grey water I put on the plants is not soapy but eg if you run the tap till the water is hot – we keep this. And water from the dog bowls etc

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      2. Got cha. I see ‘Non-Potable’ (not drinkable) signs on spigots while camping w/the trailer. Although I (everyone) should be conscious of our water consumption, it’s not like that here.
        I am not on ‘city water’, I have my own well and septic system, which basically ‘waters’ the yard ;-)!!! I LOVE not being on the grid. ‘They’ put all kinds of things in the city H2O… I won’t go there, but EAW! =-P


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