Thank you, Next…

I hope everyone is enjoying their first week of Summer (or Winter for my Southern Hemi Friends)!!

Here’s the bad news first. The Naturarian is going into hibernation at the end of the month. I like the name (although no one seems to be able to pronounce it ;-), so I’m not going to delete it. I don’t have the time to promote my new biz and keep writing here, tho.

The good news is that I am going to start blogging at my new ‘honed’ business of Wellness Garden Design. I won’t be posting as regularly however, if you go there now, I’ve written some posts to give you an idea of what will be going on there. It’s not going to be a normal landscaping/plant kinda site like this one, but there will surely be some plants posts coming in the future. I know this new format may not be appealing to some of you, so I wish you well in your blogging futures if you chose not to follow me over there!

Whew, that was a long one. I just wanted to explain my situation because there have been blogs I’ve followed in the past that just end. Just stop. No explanation, whatsoever. I always assume that the person died and it makes me sad. 😉 I didn’t want anyone to be sad and thought I had croaked. Ha!! This is a happy ending!!!