Lightning Bugs or Fireflies ~ Lampyridae Species

lightning bug up closeFireflies produce cold light, meaning there is no heat produced as a by-product. Fireflies generate light by mixing a chemical (luciferin) with an enzyme (luciferase) and oxygen. Fireflies produce their light by controlling the oxygen supply to the light organs that contain the chemical reaction.  Fireflies use their light to attract each other, which is rare, as most insects use scent instead of sight.

As I again, feel like these little cuties are known the world round, I will launch into some fun stuff, like some Japanese folklore as to where they came from:

Once upon a time, a woodman and his wife lived on the edge of a beautiful forest beneath Mount Fujiyama in Japan. They had a cozy, little house and a beautiful garden, however they were not happy, because they wished for a child. One moonlit night, the wife slipped out of the house and laid herself down before the great mountain with its shining snowcap. She begged for Fujiyama to send her and her husband a child.
As she prayed, a tiny light appeared high upon the mountain and began to drift down toward the woman. When the light reached the branches of the bamboo, it stopped. The woman was overjoyed when she found it was a Moonchild, sent by the Lady in the Moon herself. She took the child home and her husband was overjoyed as well.
The Moonchild grew into a beautiful young lady, a Moon Princess, and was beloved by all who saw her. When the Emperor’s son saw her, he asked for her hand in marriage. However, she refused, saying that her mother, the Moon Lady, had bidden her to return home when she reached the age of twenty.
When the night came for her to leave, the woodman, his wife and the Emperor’s son were all there to say goodbye, and they were inconsolable. The Lady in the Moon sent down a silver moonbeam for her daughter, and the Princess floated up upon it. As she floated, the Princess cried silver tears for those she left behind. As they fell, they took wing and flew all over the land.
The Moon Princess’ tears can still be seen on moonlit nights. Some call them fireflies, but those who know the legend know that they are the Princess’ tears, searching for those she loved on Earth and had to leave behind.

This is a great video segment about the Fireflies in Tennessee, they are very unique.

© The Naturarian

6 thoughts on “Lightning Bugs or Fireflies ~ Lampyridae Species”

  1. Hi Ilex,
    I was going through some old posts and realized we haven’t touched base for awhile. How are you? Looks like you’ve made some changes. This new blog looks great. It’s mid-Winter here and the garden is in a bad way. The dogs have dug up the backyard which doesn’t help either. Looks like a sandy wasteland.
    How are your dogs going?
    Hope you’re going well.
    Best wishes,


    1. WELL HELLO Rowena!!!! =-)
      It has been forever. Sadly, I’m already onto another blog (yikes!!) (
      I didn’t want to loose the name ‘naturarian’, but needed to hone-in what my focus was.
      The boys are great! Breck needed a new knee, but he’s healed fast. I’m doing moderately well. Quit my job to open my own biz, then got some kind of arthritis really bad in my feet. Dr’s are still sorting it out… Ain’t autoimmune issues a birch..
      How are you? Bet the kids are growing like weeds! How’s the violin doing? I will give you a follow from my new blog and we can catch up!!

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      1. Hi Ilex,
        Great to hear from you again. Congratulations on making the break and going into your own business. It’s a big, bold step and I wish you well.
        Have the doctors got any idea what what the story is with your arthritis? Always happy for you to touch base with me on that.
        The kids are now 15 and 13. I think our son still has a big growth spurt to go. He’s currently just marginally taller than my husband and I. Our daughter has crept up as well. It’s only when we catch up with someone else or facebook throws up some message from the past that it hits me.
        I went to the plant nursery this week and bought a couple of lavender plants and a primula. Gee, I hope I don’t kill them. I used to be a reasonable gardener. My kids call me a plant killer. I’m ashamed.
        Hope you’ve had a great week. I’ve just celebrated my 50th birthday. It’s been a bit of an intense times which all boils down to “could be better, could be worse”. That”s a real Australian way of seeing things, but it’s pretty spot on.
        Lastrly, I’m still playing the violin. My husband gave me an electric violin for my birthday. For someone who plays Bach and classical music, it’s an eye-opener but I love it.
        Best wishes,


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