Landscape Coaching

Landscape coaching involves a homeowner and their own yard. Many folks don’t want to know everything about plants, just what’s going on in their yard!

Three plans are available – All Landscape Coaching sessions last 3 hours, during which:

  • All plants will be identified ~ care suggestions made.
  • All aspects of the yard (including lawn, ornamental plants & trees) will be assessed from a horticultural standpoint.


  • Sharpen your pencils or start your recording app. This basic plan is verbal only.
  • Suggestions to get the most of this Basic Coach Plan would be to either make sketch your yard or have a plat of survey available for you to take notes on.
  • There are many smart phone apps available to record and take photos with.


  • By providing me a plat of survey ahead of time, I will take written notes of the identification and care needs of your plants.
  • Follow-up reading material, further care instructions, specific ‘how to’ instructions for detailed tasks and tree survey included.

Contact us for more information.